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Rahbek Guitars are known for producing fine quality instruments that are easy on the eyes and available with many custom options. However, we are also official dealers of many fine products that both professional and amateur musicians should check out.


Rahbek Guitars is now an official dealer of Eventide effects.

We expect to have the TimeFactor stompboxes in stock very soon so if you are eager to try out these fantastic effects, give us a call and come by for a demonstration.

Click here to visit the official Eventide website

Tony Bruno amps

Tony Bruno makes fantastic amplifiers that many pros play and cherish.
Check our the official Tony Bruno website

Komet Amps

Some of the finest boutique amplifiers on the planet.
Check our the official Komet Amps website

Soldano amps

If you are looking for high-gain guitar amps they don't come better than this.
Check our the official Soldano website


The Klon Centuar overdrive pedal is widely hailed as being one of the most transparent overdrive pedals available. They are not cheap but they are fantastic.
Check our the official Klon website

Lindy Fralin pickups

Lindy Fralin produces some of the finest guitar pickups available today.
Check our the official Lindy Fralin website